Happy July

I know I've been gone for a long while, and reappearing around here should warrant some sort of explanation, but in truth, I have none.  Life has been good and busy, and I simply wanted to share a few pictures of a sweet feature of our new (old) home in this month's WNC Magazine.  Dustin and Whitney Deal from Oh, Darling! took the beautiful photographs.

So, thanks to all involved - Rita Larkin, editor-in-chief at WNC Magazine, and Whitney and Dustin Deal.  That was great fun!  And thanks to my dear friends Tom and Kelly from Oddfellows Antiques for allowing me to raid their store in search of cute props to style the house with - which I had to then promptly purchase because they were oh-so-perfect (nothing like a photo shoot to get you to finish all those unfinished projects around the house!).  I should also note that the gorgeous jewelry I'm wearing is by my wonderful and talented talented friend Christie of Calaycay Design.

Still here and almost there

Put simply: I've been busy with work, house negotiations, getting ready to move, and life in general... Funny how life doesn't give you a breather as you add new things to it. Part of me almost expects it, but no: life keeps its pace and demands the same rigorous attention, regardless of our plans and additional undertakings.

I will say this, my friends: it's been stressful, but I am happy. And excited. And even though I am tired, I can see the end in sight and it promises to feel like the sweetest of exhales when all is said and done.

And it is all part of life, isn't it? The highs and lows, the tight squeezes and the enormity of freedom after them; the tears and joys, and the eventual feeling of unhindered motion that comes after working through the narrow, winding turns that life is made of.

I hope you've all been well. I am sending you all much love, and as always, much peace.

(image: 1. via ikea family live; 2. via super rural)


On my mind, lately.

This lovely crochet garland by beautiful Tina. Because when I look at it, I think not only of Tina, halfway across the world in Australia, but also of Allison, following her dreams, and just like all of us, in her words, crafting a life. And I'm inspired by them both.

This little corner in Cindy's living room. Because I am touched and honored that someone who's become a friend would also hire me to help her out in a most personal of spaces: her home. Twice now. (Thank you, dear.)

This hutch. Because it made it to Brooklyn from my friends' store in Asheville and it looks great now that it's stained black and has found a new home in my client's dining room.

This new little cross pillow by talented Liane. Because it is the perfect addition to the (ever-growing, Bill would point out with a little cough) pillow collection on our couch.

This moment. Because I remember not being able to let a loose tooth be. And because I love my gorgeous, growing boy...

...who, all on his own, decided he wanted to play soccer recently and is loving every minute of it.

This photograph. Because in some ways it represents the overarching way I've been feeling over the last couple of months. A bit overwhelmed and awed by the immensity of life in all its possibilities.

We are moving this spring, and I'm excited but somewhat apprehensive about all of the loose ends that still need tidying up. I am one of those people that needs things to be concretely defined, down to the last little detail - all the time. I don't deal with uncertainty very well, but as my wise friend Florence pointed out to me the other day, We live in a world of shifting tides but pretend like we don't, like we can nail it down. And she is right. And the details will get sorted out, eventually. And now, more than ever, I need patience.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this video; it's about 18 minutes long, but well-worth the time when you have a moment. It talks about education (among other things), which has been very much on my mind over the last few months. Fall wasn't easy around here. School turned out to not to be a good fit for our beautiful boy, and in great part it's because of the issues brought up here. (I believe I have Annie to thank for first bringing this TED talk to my attention. Thank you.)

I hope you've all been busy living your lives weaved with your many dreams, my friends. As always, I am sending you all much peace and love. Be well.

(images: 1. me; 2. cindy; 3. jen; 4-6. me; 7. apartment therapy; 8. moving boxes)


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