Ceilings - the extended version.

The good news is: there are options. There are beamed ceilings - in modern and eclectic living spaces,

in rustic kitchens,

and farmhouse bedrooms;

there are whitewashed beams,

and beams that are best painted white,

and just plain old, beautiful, chunky beams...

There are painted ceilings, sometimes to match crown molding colors,

sometimes to mimic the sky,

or even sometimes to create rich, dramatic interiors...

There are vaulted ceilings painted white and paired with white walls to create a beautiful sense of volume and tranquility,

or juxtaposed with wallpapered walls to emphasize the shape of the room and create a feeling of playfulness....

There are ceilings covered in beadboard,

sometimes painted in creamy shades and laid out in interesting patterns...

There are ceilings covered in old tin tile, which can be left old and flaky,

or can be painted thoroughly before and after installing it if one should be worried about lead paint (heh),

There are tall ceilings with pretty moldings,

and incredible plasterwork;

and there are not-so-tall ceilings, with insanely beautiful hand-painted details...

There are coffered ceilings,

and ceilings covered in beautiful reclaimed wood, whether it be beadboard...

...or otherwise....

And perhaps best of all, there are ceilings that are made out of glass,

letting in all the light one could ever want...

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  1. nice cielings. your vlog really inspires me!

  2. Very nice selection of options! Plenty to be inspired about, and even more to covet. Most of my ceilings are pretty dull (although I have dark stained beams in the living room) and I should do something about that.

  3. beautiful.....love all of the beams......and how you captured all of the different aesthetics incorporating them!

    happy monday to you! xo

  4. Wow, this is a very extensive selection! I love many of them, maybe the rustic tin tiles look the best of all!

  5. The moldings in that bathroom are amazing! And yes please to the reading nook by the window - next to that lovely chandelier! I would look good there! (: Cyber hug, Mon.

  6. i love exposed beams the most. my current ceiling has tin tile (or it may be molding created to imitate tin), which is pretty cool too.

  7. such a charming post, maria! i love all of those beams and the vaulted ceilings.

    last week was hectic, but here i am finally getting back to you! fall weather has indeed settled into our river valley with chilly mornings, drizzle, and fog. i love that it's finally time for woodfires and soups.

    wishing you a wonderful week!

  8. you always show the best stuff!!! thanks for sharing...i want them all!

  9. Lovely - these are some stunning ceilings!

  10. I don't even think I could pick a favorite, they are all so good. How fabulous would it be to have a house with one of each kind ;)

  11. Wonderful post!
    I love the sky-patterned ceiling with a plane hanging from it.

  12. This is one of the best round-ups of images I have ever seen. So beautiful. Each and every single one. Impossible to pick a favorite.

    Lady, if you keep on at this pace, I might just have to stop blogging and simply visit daily for my design fix. Yeah, you are that good.

  13. Lovely light in the pictures!

  14. Love all these pictures! just a beautiful collection!!! have a very beautiful day today!

  15. Fantastic post! So many breathtaking images here. I thought at first the beams were my favorite, but the more I scrolled down, I realized they are all just so beautiful. You really outdid yourself with this post!

  16. in my dream home i would have white painted beams on my ceiling. but i would settle for just staying someplace like # 5 :)

  17. I think exposed beams are so lovely!

  18. Wow, that was like eating a really delicious fifteen-course meal. Or a huge box of exotic chocolates. I WANT THEM ALL! So fun! Waaaay more fun than any of the magazines I subscribe to, by the way.

  19. Oh, I've missed you! Options...yes, options galore. What a collection. Selecting one would be so difficult because they are really all quite fabulous. I've always been fond of tin tile ceilings and I adore glass as well because the more natural light available, the happier I am.

  20. and these ceilings too, not sure how i missed them. they are absolutely gorgeous. so so beautiful..

  21. Because I'm fond of houses, I always drive around our neighborhood in Omaha and I have visited many houses with beamed ceilings. To achieve a nice-looking beamed ceiling, the roofing should be installed higher than the desired height of the interior. I like that eclectic living room -- a mixture of modern and traditional architecture.


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