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As some of you may know, I have been dreaming of wallpaper lately. I do find myself branching out into the world of decals, too, which I know have been around for a while now and for all I know may be on the verge of extinction...but I think once the dust has settled, some decals will prevail. Plus, I happen to like decals, mainly because I'd be afraid of not ever-EVER being satisfied with my attempts at drawing and then painting little scenes or details on a wall. It would become an endless project in my quest for unattainable perfection, I'm afraid.

It so happens then that thanks to Leah Hennen of More Ways to Waste Time, I found a lovely example of the perfect compromise: a decal that is reminiscent of hand-painted work. I think I may just be in love.

To see more of Genevieve Smith and Anna Conklin's work, visit Magpie Decorative Painting.


  1. this is super lovely....xo

  2. This is beyond lovely. I fantasize about wallpapering a single wall in our main floor--the boyfriend has yet to buy off and I don't have the energy to push it quite yet--maybe after the bathrooms are renovated!


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