Okay. It's official.

So. I've been following a blog I cannot read, but makes me drool every time I visit it. Perhaps you've seen it, too? VINTAGE?

From what I can gather, the photographs are mostly of Johanna Flyckt's house (located somewhere in Sweden?), and Johanna is a stylist, and photographer Mari Eriksson is responsible for most of the lovely pictures (although Johanna must have taken some of them herself). But of course I don't read Swedish, so this is all pure speculation on my part.

The point of this all being that, after actually going back and looking through dozens of her posts, I've come to the realization that:

1) I must cover my entire house in shades of whites and grays, accenting with blues and greens here and there (black accents are also allowed);

2) installing interior windows wherever possible has now become a necessity;

3) I should stop worrying obsessively about flaky paint, especially since the worry does not seem to stop me from dragging chippy furniture and old windows home... Johanna's house is full of such items, and her boys are the picture of health (and adorable to boot); and finally,

4) I will have to visit Sweden if not move there, because surely everybody's home is as lovely as Johanna's. Surely.

So. Sweden is officially on the list.


  1. this house is absolutely *gorgeous*. so nice to "meet" you too. thanks to our dear deb! happy friday to you. xoxo, k.

  2. i have good news for you!! go to translate.google.com and enter the blog url and select the language ie swedish to englisgh and voila... you can read the blog in english!!

  3. My friend Florence just told me about that - which is why I promptly changed my (sheepish admission here) original post from Denmark/Danish to Sweden/Swedish. I feel a little bit foolish...heh-heh. Thanks, lady T! And thanks, Florence!

  4. hehe!! don't feel foolish at all :) now you can know what she's blogging about!

  5. so beautiful!

    hope you are having a great monday.....xo

  6. absolutely gorgeous...so simple and yet so full of character. you can almost smell the freshness of the scandinavian air!

  7. wow...I can't stop staring...I am officially in love with your blog...xo t

  8. holy wow! i want to go home and paint my (ahem, carpet) floors with gray and white diamonds!

  9. Julia,

    Some day you'll have the hardwood floors of your dreams and then your significant other will be horrified and forbid you from painting perfectly good wood floors. ;) (I got lucky because our house had a couple of floors that were in terrible shape, so....)

    I've heard of people who rip out carpet and paint their subfloor (most likely plywood in your case - but they even paint on plywood and say it looks great. Haven't seen it in person, so I cannot vouch for it, but might be worth trying it in a small area like a foyer, or maybe a walk-in closet (?), or a bathroom if you hate the flooring there too. :)


  10. ohhh thanks for the new inspiration! LOVE it all!

  11. Thanks for those pics! this house is gorgeous... Great inspirations formynew home that' won't be as white as that one but really in a vintage style!

    I'm doing a giveaway! Come to visit me if you can...
    Have a great weekend!

  12. so fun to find your blog ~ i'm in the middle of my 7th house remodel and now i'm trying to figure out where to put in some interior windows! so inspired by you :-) i tend towards modern & simple & soft... yet when ever i see photos of vintage done simply i swoon ~ love these shots and all the ones of your inviting home


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